SafeMoon Army Joins Bitgert, SFM’s Biggest Competitor And The Fast Growing, No-Gas Fees Platform With Big Gains In February 2022

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Safemoon Community Joins Bitgert After Blockchain Testnet Announced, While Babydoge, Metahero, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu Community Members Does The Same.

February 6, 2022

Bitgert is one of the crypto projects gaining big. This is after the Bitgert team announced the start of its blockchain testnet development.

There has been a lot of movements in the crypto market over the last few weeks as the crypto community goes for promising projects. The launch of new products and the moves made by crypto projects to deliver superior products have been the biggest driving factor. Bitgert is one of the crypto projects gaining big as more crypto community members from other cryptocurrencies join in large numbers. This is after the Bitgert team announced the start of its blockchain testnet development. Here is more about these cryptocurrencies:


Bitgert is one of the biggest gainers in the crypto market this February. The Bitgert community has been growing faster as more members from other cryptocurrencies like Safemoon, Metahero, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu, Babydoge, and many others, join it. This is after the team announced the start of the Bitgert blockchain testnet development.

The Bitgert blockchain will be gasless, where users will be selling, buying, and transferring tokens without paying for gas. This is a game-changing blockchain that is already attracting attention. With the expected price explosion upon the zero gas fee launch, community members from other cryptocurrencies are joining Bitgert in large numbers. With the actual start of the Bitgert blockchain testnet development, more community members will be joining.

Centcex Centralized Exchange

The Centcex community has also been joining Bitgert with the recent announcement. But Centcex is also one of the cryptocurrencies doing very well in the crypto market. The team is also developing the project faster, which is attracting the crypto community. The Centcex project is just 2 months old at the time of this writing.

At the moment, the team is developing a centralized exchange, which is the first project for the Centcex ecosystem. But with Bitgert already ahead in products delivery and ecosystem development, the Centcex community is joining to enjoy staking and other benefits coming with products releases.


SafeMoon’s toughest competitor for a long time has been Bitgert. They are both in the DeFi industry hence making them perfect competitors. The SafeMoon team has been around for a longer time than Bitgert, and this means SFM should be more developed. But that has not been the case as Bitgert has delivered more on products than SafeMoon.

With the announcement of Bitgert on the Blockchain testnet development, SafeMoon community members have been joining it in droves. With the fast-growing Bitgert project, more SafeMoon community members will be joining. Bitgert is also about to launch a CEX in Q1.


There is no doubt that BabyDoge is one of the most attractive dog coins in the market. The coin is doing very well, and this can be proven by the fast-growing BabyDoge community, especially the Twitter community. But there has been a movement of the BabyDoge community to other promising crypto projects. The Bitgert has been one of the coins that BabyDoge community members are joining,

The BabyDoge team is working on the NFT and gaming products, which are part of the roadmap. However, there has been little information about these developments from the team. But it is still one of the best crypto projects.


The Metahero team has produced one of the most powerful scanning technology in the market today. The Metahero 3D scanning and modeling technology called meta scanner V3, is one of the most advanced scanning technologies. However, the Metahero team has delivered other products for a while since the last scanner upgrade. That’s why the announcement of the Bitgert blockchain testnet developed is attracting the Metahero community, who are joining the coin. More community members are likely to join with the upcoming launch of the Bitgert centralized exchange.

Saitama Inu

The Saitama Inu community has also been moving to Bitgert in the last few days. Saitama is now developing its ecosystem, with the objective of giving the project and the token more value. The fast-developing Bitgert project is the reason the Saitama community is joining. The team is launching highly competitive products, which is a major attraction. The huge growth of the Bitgert coin after the launch of the blockchain is what the Saitama Inu community is going for.

Floki Inu

There is a huge number of Floki Inu members who have continued to join Bitgert over the last few days.The news about the development of the widely anticipated Bitgert blockchain has caught the crypto community’s attention, including the Floki community. Even with the Floki Inu team developing excellent products, the community finds Bitgert attractive because Brise CEX is also developing soon. If the Floki team will not have produced competitive products, more Floki community members will be joining Bitgert upon the launch of CEX.

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